I know… i know it’s a little bit too late to talk about favorite album of 2015. But…. yea, even it’s weirder if i didn’t talk about it. Because who doesn’t love music…?, and i still want to share with you guys. Hopefully you like it.

First of all, i don’t think i listened to many albums in 2015, I’ve got only around 5 new albums in 2015, so… these 2 albums below are really my favorite between those.

And maybe if you have your favorite album 2015, feel free to share it with me in the comment box. Let’s get it on!

  1. Aqua Alta – Dreamsphere


Favorite songs from this album:

  • BTOcean
  • Polar
  • Blue is the Rain
  • Epic Sweep
  • Coral Castle

I’m addicted to their songs, seriously…

The first week i got this album, i listen to it non-stop. In the morning when i went to office and at night, i hope their next albums would as amazing as this one.

2) Beach House – Thank Your Lucky Stars


Favorite songs from this album:

  • Rough Song
  • Somewhere Tonight
  • All your Yeahs
  • Elegy to the Void
  • Majorette

I think in 2015, Beach House launched 2 albums, Depression Cherry and Thank Your Lucky Stars. I haven’t listened properly to Depression Cherry, so.. i can’t say whether i like that album or not. But for Thank Your Lucky Stars… definitely my new favorite from them after Bloom, in 2012.

I hope when i listen to Depression Cherry, i’ll have the same feeling as when i listen to others Beach House’s Album, which are always great.


Hopefully you like them too.

See you in next posts!

Gea Irraselda Ardhita

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Good morning people…

Rasanya udah 3x saturday tunes yang terlewat yaaa, maafkan… akhir-akhir ini saya sibuk.. huhuhu…

Well, baru-baru ini gue suka dengerin lagu lokal lagi, setelah beberapa waktu lalu sempat merasa bosan sama lagu lokal yang ada, yaaahhh… walaupun dengerin juga sih beberapa. Nah… setelah kemarinan ngubek2 mixtape orang, akhirnya gue punya beberapa lagu lokal yang pas di telinga dan lagi rajin didengerin, lagu lama semua sih, tapi masih okelah buat nostalgia… Mari disimak:

1) Homogenic – Untukmu, Duniaku
As usual, i cannot find the official video, but this song soothes me from the very start i listened to it. Electronic pop musics always capture my ears well. easy listening, with rain outside and your tea.

2) Pure Saturday – Kosong
Waaahhh, suka dengerin lagu ini lagi, karena ga sengaja nemu cover salah satu band dan langsung merasa kangen berat sama pure saturday… Dan ga sabar bulan depan, karena bakal ngeliat pure saturday di PFEST! Yeeeaaayyy!!!

Nah, ini band yang covering lagu Kosong – Pure Saturday yang gw bilang taid, Sidepony.

3) Iwan Fals – Mata Indah Bola Pimpong
Om Iwaaaannnn, Okay. Lebay.
Tapi serius, kok tiba2 suka banget ya dengerin lagu ini… lagunya gombal abis sih… tapi tetep suka, gimana dong? hahaha…
Sebenernya mau masukin official video dari musica studio, tapi pas dicoba denger… yahh.. kok berhenti ditengah2 gitu? kan nanggung dengernya… akhirnya ambil yang lain deh..

4) Chrisye – Kala CInta Menggoda – Untukku.
Itu dua lagu yang berbeda, tapi gue lagi suka banget dengerin lagu Om Chrisye ituu, apalagi pas kemarin nyoba mainin keyboard-nya lagu kala cinta menggoda, waahhh, makin penasaran dengerin lagunya buat ngeh chordnya apa.

5) Kla Project – Menjemput Impian
Aduuhhh, om Katon, tampan banget disini… *pacar jangan jealous ya*
Denting piano-nya itu lhooo, bikin kangen sama lagu ini, ditambah om katonnya tampan, om firman juga tampan (modelnya teuku firmansyah kan…?), pas deh pokoknya dengerin lagu ini. hahahaha..

That’s all my saturday tunes today.
See you in my next posts… XO

Gea Irraselda Ardhita

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Good morning everyone..

Back with saturday tunes #2.
Will tell you about my songs the last whole week…
I think i listened to some old songs these days and of course some are new too.
Hope you’ll like them as i do. 🙂

I think this song is in their album called push and shove which is released in 2012.
This is my favorite song in that album. I can listen it again and again and again. I can’t be bored with it.
But i’m sorry, i cannot find the official video of this song.

Check on my lastfm.com and you’ll find that this is my number 1 song of this week. Oh my God. I think i listen to this song day and night.. like no days without this song. But… surprisingly i’m not bored with it. The lyric is so romantic, i even want to make this song as my wedding song… hahahaha…
The rhythm is addictive. And the video clip is so beautiful, definitely romantic. I’m in romantic mood this week.

Hoooo… this song is my favorite song when i’m at gym.Because its beat and makes me excited when i’m running on treadmill. But… that’s not all that. Hahaha… I LIKE RITA ORA’S MAKE UP in this video. I Know, i know you may think the video is crazy. I admit it’s crazy but indeed fun. Back to her make up on the video. I like her bold eyebrows, her Red-Orangey lipstick, i’m thinking that is MAC LADY DANGER, i also like her bronzing face, her dewy skin, even her pale lipstick in the scene when she is on a bed.. and i’m thinking that is MAC ST. GERMAIN or MAC FAUX.

Another upbeat song, but this time is Burn by Ellie Goulding. Love the rhythm so much. But i will tell you something…
I like listen to this song everytime i do my squats. This is my squats song. Hahahahaha….
The part when she sings “burn…burn…burn…burn…” I will hold my squats down low. Hahahaha… Great song anyway.

Hehehe… this is a korean song. I’m currently watching this korean drama called it’s okay, that’s love where Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin played in the drama. Romantic song.

That’s all my saturday tunes.
See you in my next posts… XO

Gea Irraselda Ardhita

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Good evening lovely people…

I’m thinking that i want to make a regular music posts. I think i will post it every Saturday so i can keep it up regularly, you know what i meant…
Sometimes i’m lazy to write so, if i make it on weekend maybe i can do it on Saturday, i hope i can commit with that and do it on Saturday morning, though right now it’s not morning anymore at least in Indonesia.

So… what i’ll write here is i think about what i have listened in a week, maybe it’s an album or some songs or i don’t know, but it will definitely about music as i love music so much.

So, for my first post of Saturday tunes, October 11, 2014, i want to post about my songs that i listened almost for a week behind. Here are the songs:

1) Petra Shombing Ft. ben Sihombing – Mine
This is Indonesian song, honestly i can’t believe myself when i like this song. Because these days i almost never listen to any Indonesian songs. Anyway… the lyrics are in English and it’s so super duper romantic. Will be on my list of wedding songs.

2) Magic! – Rude
One of my friend really like this song, she always sings this song wherever whenever it being played in radio. So.. i’m curious about this song too, besides the rhythm which i think a little bit reggae and that makes this song unique for me. Well.. the wikipedia called it reggae fusion.

3) Grouplove – Ways to go
I found them out of nowhere in youtube. That’s what i like about youtube, like you jump to rabbit hole of alice in wonderland and suddenly you arrived in weird happy land. hahaha…
So… what i like about this song, you should listen to it, i think you will like the song too even if you think it’s kinda racist. Well, to be honest, it’s not racist for me just because the video shows about “North Korean Leader when he was a child in their perspective”.
The rhythm is addictive. the lyrics is okay for me.

4) CHVRCHES – Lungs
I found that i listened to this song more than the mother we shared. I don’t know why…
But too bad, i cannot find the video version of this song, so… let me just put the live version of this song.

5) Blonde Redhead – Cat on tin roof
I really like this song, the rhythm is simple and is like listening to a kid song somehow… hahahaha, i know it doesn’t make sense, but that’s what i think when i listen to this song. The lyric is not too long. The music was good! Of course again, sorry i cannot find their official video. But this is their new song of their new album Barragin

Okay folks…
That’s my music for this week.
Hope you enjoy them too.

Goodnight and sleeptight.
Tomorrow i hope i will post a make-up review.

Gea Irraselda Ardhita

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Hi lovely people…

it’s long time since i wrote my last blog, it was about looks, if i’m not mistaken.
Well, right now, i want to update about songs i listened recently.
Surprisingly… these days i like to listen some of EDM songs, i don’t know why, maybe because i like to watch vlogs of my favorite beauty guru and her boyfriend “Shaaanxo and Hamish” in Hamish youtube channel and he likes to put EDM songs as his music background. His youtube channel is called Moosh Moosh Vlogs.

And i think my other reason like this EDM songs is because this song can give you motivation to exercise… hahaha, yeah i know it’s silly reason, but seriously this kind of songs really motivate me, to do some cardio workouts and get to work my ass than just sitting in front of tv or computer watching korean drama.

So… yah.. let’s jump to songs i like to listen these days:

1) My number one favorite is TEN FEET FALL by Afrojack ft. Wrabel… such of a great songs and very addictive.

2) My second favorite song is I Need Your Love by Ellie Goulding & Calvin Harris (Jacob Plant Remix). I like their original version, but i think this jacob remix is DOPE!!! i cant listen to this song and not feel bored at all.

3) Martin Garrix!!! Oh man, i love this boy… he is such a talented boy making some good music. ANIMAL is a song that really want me to keep move my body.

4)  I really love Hurts now and then… and i can’t explain how excited i am when i know they collaborated with Calvin Harris and Alesso in Undercontrol song. Soooo much happy and this song is really really dope!

5)  I like this song alot, on last thursday… i played it over and over again at the office to boos my mood because i feel really sick that time. MAX ELTO – SHADOW OF THE SUN (MAKO REMIX)

Okay… i think that’s all my favorite songs these days…. Hope you’ll like the songs too and thank you for reading.

See you in next posts, whether about beauties or others…

Love you…

Gea Irraselda Ardhita

(twitter/instagram: @gwea)