Recently, i feel like i’m chummy enough with the word of FASHION, though usually i also like to read fashion magazines and fashion blogs, but… it feels like i’m more getting into it, trying to copy what the models wear, and make my own fashion statement with my mix and match style. But still i don’t dare to have my own lookbook or fashion blog. Well.. i just made my own lookbook now, hahaha…

The thing i love about fashion is they are somehow always recurring, and there are no true or false in fashion, there’s only “a matter of proportions” and finally it’s about “making your own style”. Because like COCO CHANEL said “in order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different”. In 2012 now, i feel like somehow we’re heading back to 80’s style, where neon colour and jelly shoes are coming back.

I don’t really like to see the runway or fashion week, yes, i saw them but, not really interested in adjusting the style into my daily style, because sometimes they’re not applicable to be wear in my country or with the season here. If the runway is about casual style, then i’ll watch or read about it more.

What i like is more about the off duty style models. YES, i never bored to watch, read and browse about the off duty models. Most of them wears normal clothes which is more applicable in daily style. 🙂

I like to put some of off duty style model here:


Karlie Kloss

Andie Arthur

Tao Okamoto

Okay, Wrapped!, I think that’s all i want to tell you guys about my opinion fashion and styles, maybe in i’ll post about this stuffs more in the future. 🙂

Gea Irraselda Ardhita
(twitter: @gwea)