Day 6: Fiveways to win your heart

I just realized, i havent post my day 6 challenge. It’s late. I know.. Who cares?

Today, i played a lot with one of my best good friend. Hahaha.. why i said that? because sometimes i feel she is my best friend, but sometimes not. Hahahahaha… anyway.. she’s still a good friend of mine.

We already be friended since almost 5 years ago. that’s a long journey of friendship and still continue i hope. Sometimes we fight, sometimes we calm. But one thing for sure, when you get close to someone, either it’s a friendship or in relationship you’ll know their strength, their weakest moment, you share tears, joy and still accept them in any situation.

Today i want to share about five ways to win my heart. It’s not that hard, considering i think i’m pretty adaptable to any kind of situation and people. But to really be in my inner circle, it’s kinda challenging.

1) Be genuine

Yes. Genuine in everything you said, everything you do. Maybe you can compare it with honesty. Almost the same thing, but i like to use ‘Genuine’ word in this matter. Because i think honest is only about what you said, while genuine it includes your attitude amd behaviour. I don’t mean that you need always to be polite to me. No…
What i mean is. Just be yourself when you’re with me. Don’t try too hard, i can sense fakeness.

2) Be Funny and Have Serious Side

Yes. I love funny people, who doesn’t?
You don’t have to be comedian, i don’t mean that. But at least, you have sense of humor, don’t take everything too seriously. Sometimes we need to laugh, and yes, i like people who can make me laugh out loud.

But…. of course in the other hand, you need to have a serious side, a side when if i need to talk something important, i can ask your advice and your opinions, i can share all things and secrets in my life and you’ll keep them and give a feed back in either serious or fun ways.

3) Have Self-Confident

Why self-confident is important to me? Well, for me it’s one of important thing if you want to be my friend and even more want to be my boyfriend.

We, as human being, need to socialize. And it sometimes we do our social thing with different people with different backgrounds and different places. Sometimes those people are high maintainance people and even the spots we visit, and sometimes not.

For me, the problem with people with lack of self confident, they don’t want to socialize with many people, like they use their ‘shyness’ as an excuse to not to socialize with them and living in their mind that they are enough only knowing some other people in their only environment.

I can’t babysit those kind of people. I’ll just leave them alone.

4) Be Understanding

For me it’s more like accepting people as who they are. This is apply especially in relationship. Like.. accept me for who i am, with all my strong and weak moment, with all my tears, joy, my angry times, my dull times, etc.

5) Have passion

You need to have something you like to do, like your own world. It’s okay if it’s not the same thing like mine. In the end we can share our stories and stuffs about our passion, about our dreams, our journey to reach that dream. That means.. we learned from each other, in friendship and in relationship.


See you in my next posts. I know it’s late to post this. But… who cares, anyway?


Gea Irraselda

(twitter/instagram: @gwea)



Day 5: List 5 places you want to visit

Talking about places i want to visit, it reminds me that these days i haven’t traveled, going on vacation. When my mom was still alive, she used to asked us having holiday, even if it means only going to Bandung, but it’s still a holiday for us.

I have list aboit places i want to visit since long ago. So.. i think this is good, i can show and maybe talk about it a little.

1) Trolltunga, Norway


2) Neal’s Yard, London


3) Gili Trawangan, Indonesia


4) Kjeragbolten, Norway


5) Maldives


Thats all for today. It’s late and im sleepy.

See you in my next post.

Gea Irraselda A.

(twitter/ instagram: @gwea)


Day 4: Write about someone who inspires you.

First of all, can i mention 2 persons that inspires me? Because they were. They are the reasons where i’m now and still.. still.. trying to be better, though maybe some laziness come and a kind of feeling “maybe.. i’m not that good enough” and  difficult time.

But seriously, until now i still remember why i started all these things the first time, the pray i sent to God, the dreams, and  the most important is the first time why i liked it.

The 2 persons who inspires me until now maybe don’t have a really big name like coco chanel, mother theresa, or marilyn monroe, or else.. hahaha.
But for me they are one of the most inspiring women who get successful through their creativity and even making business of it.

1) Lauren Curtis

She is the first beauty guru on youtube that i’ve watched. She is a regular girl in Australia at first but really talented in doing make up. She worked in Bobbi Brown Australia and now she is a full time youtuber and a make-up artist of course, haha..

Love, love, love her works, even until she reaches this point, she is a down to earth girl. I want to attach her youtube link, but my internet seem doesnt friendly right now.

2) Shannon Harris (Shaaanxo)

She is amazing.
Another inspiring beauty youtuber. I still remember the first time i watched her video. She is so funny with her style like “emh.. i don’t know what i’m doing with my life” hahaha… that’s so hilarious to me.
But one thing i learned from her, she has that dream, she works hard for her dream, and look at what she achieved now.

She already has a make brand “XO beauty” with more than 2 millions followers on youtube and she’s still young.

Again, i want to attach her works, but my internet connection sucks right now.


I think that’s all for today.

See you in my next posts.

Gea Irraselda A.

(twitter/instagram: @gwea)


Day 3: What are your top three pet peeves?

For me pet peeve is more like “things i hate”. But why i should pet them? Why i should pet the things i hate? 😂

I don’t know..
Well… of course there are things that annoy me, and sometimes i don’t even know why those things bother me. Yeah… of course it can irritate me to certain degrees, sometimes i can hold my self and sometimes not. I think i will categorize pet peeves as things that makes me complaint not the things i hate. So… these are my top three pet peeves:

1) People who doesnt know how to stop talking.

Seriously, especially when i’m in hungry situation… this one sometimes can bothers me alot to the degree i can stop them by asking directly, i know it’s impolite, but i love myself. The last time i listened to a taxi driver who talked too much, i ended up in a hospital because of hypervintelating, that’s what doctor said.
Sometimes there are some people who doesn’t know to  stop talking. They talk and talk and talk and talk, and even sometimes they are only repeating their stories. It drives me crazy somehow.

2) People who eat and drink while driving.

This one makes me and my father argue alot. Hahahaha… I don’t even know why seeing people who is eating and drinking while they are driving can irritate me alot.
Maybe it’s just a sense of they will be distracted with what’s ahead them, or they will be irresponsible with what will happen. Hahahaha… i don’t know…
I know.. i’m weird, right?

3) Cigarette smokes

I can assure you that this is one of the things that make me complaint. I usually tell the person who smoke, reminding him/her that their smokes bother me, whether it will be asking politely or chaffing them depends on how the situation is.


Image source: http://tech.co/journalist-pet-peeves-for-pitching-2014-12

Thank you for reading.
See you in my next posts.


Gea Irraselda A.

(twitter/instagram: @gwea)


Day 2: Write something someone told you about yourself that you never forgot.

Self love.

“Sometimes we forget, self-love isn’t selfish, it’s necessary”

It’s something that’s important to ourselves. The love that should come first before we love someone else. Sometimes we can forget about ourselves and lose ourselves in the name of love. Love can blind us, but really.. we shouldn’t forget about ourselves.

It’s one of the lesson that i’ve learned early of this year. One of the lesson that i’ve learned in hard way. It was when i feel depressed when someone that i felt important in my life and i  thought we could be together suddenly said “it’s over. It’s better if we break-up”.

I was depressed that time. Literally. Depressed. And feel like… i cannot have someone other than him, and that i love him forever. And almost feel like i want to beg him not to leave me. That i’ll promise i’ll be good, i’ll be a nice girl like he wanted.

And then someone told me:
“You are beautiful, you are smart, you have a job, you have your own salary, you don’t beg him to feed you, you don’t beg him to support your life. Why you should beg him to love you? I won’t allowed that. I won’t allow my girl begging someone’s love”

“A woman should be the one who waits for her man to come for her and love her. If the love doesn’t come freely, it’s not worth having.”

Maybe you can guess who told me that, yes.. it’s my mother. Couple of months before she passed away. To be honest, she never called me beautiful before. I always thought she doesnt like me when i have make up on my face. But… she called me beautiful that time, even… she makes sure that someone better will come to me and love me the way i should be loved.

I guessed she was right, I found love again. Now… there are two loves, one for myself, one for him.

“Self love requires you to be honest with your current choices”

“Don’t chase people. Work hard and be you. The right people who belong in your life will come find you and stay. Do your thing.”


Image source: http://www.nurturingart.com/blog/?p=601

Thank you for reading.

See you in my next post.

Gea Irraselda A.

(Instagram/Twitter: @gwea)