I know… i know it’s a little bit too late to talk about favorite album of 2015. But…. yea, even it’s weirder if i didn’t talk about it. Because who doesn’t love music…?, and i still want to share with you guys. Hopefully you like it.

First of all, i don’t think i listened to many albums in 2015, I’ve got only around 5 new albums in 2015, so… these 2 albums below are really my favorite between those.

And maybe if you have your favorite album 2015, feel free to share it with me in the comment box. Let’s get it on!

  1. Aqua Alta – Dreamsphere


Favorite songs from this album:

  • BTOcean
  • Polar
  • Blue is the Rain
  • Epic Sweep
  • Coral Castle

I’m addicted to their songs, seriously…

The first week i got this album, i listen to it non-stop. In the morning when i went to office and at night, i hope their next albums would as amazing as this one.

2) Beach House – Thank Your Lucky Stars


Favorite songs from this album:

  • Rough Song
  • Somewhere Tonight
  • All your Yeahs
  • Elegy to the Void
  • Majorette

I think in 2015, Beach House launched 2 albums, Depression Cherry and Thank Your Lucky Stars. I haven’t listened properly to Depression Cherry, so.. i can’t say whether i like that album or not. But for Thank Your Lucky Stars… definitely my new favorite from them after Bloom, in 2012.

I hope when i listen to Depression Cherry, i’ll have the same feeling as when i listen to others Beach House’s Album, which are always great.


Hopefully you like them too.

See you in next posts!

Gea Irraselda Ardhita

(Twitter/Instagram: @gwea)



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