Disclosure: i bought this product with my own money, i am not being paid to write my post and my opinions are honest and my own. What works for me may not works for others , and the same as what not works for me may works for others.


You know i’m such a lipstick fan.

And i know, i only have 1 lips. 😛


Now let me share my new lipstick collection that has been in my stash for around 3 months. Max Factor Lipfinity Long Lasting Lipstick, and some colors has become my favorite these days.

Max Factor has them in many shades, i think there are 12 shades in websites, i don’t know how many shades that available in Indonesia, but i believe, i have 5 shades of them.


These are what Max Factor claimed about their Lipfinity Long Lasting Lipstick:

  • Intense colour and conditioning moisture that lasts. (Yeay!)
  • Up to 8 hours of vibrant, nourished colour that doesn’t dry out lips. (Yeay!)
  • Infused with nourishing oils, this long wear lip colour doesn’t crack, crumble or bleed.
  • Your high-impact lipstick that’s long lasting and effortless to apply. (Yeay!)



For me,

What i like about this lipstick is they are very.. very.. pigmented and it last long, like liptint the korean version, even though after you have rough eating session, it will still leave color on your lips. Me like it so much :*

Yes, it will last around 6 hours for me especially for bold color, it’ ll last more than 7 hours. (Thumbs UP!)

Very pigmented lipstick and so… smooth when applied.

I think the texture more like creamy, some colors are creamy with sheen, but definitely not matte. So, if you are into matte lipstick i guess this one not for you.

I wish the packaging is more sturdy and more clean.

Hahaha.. i don’t know why i use “clean” to express it. Maybe because it has transparent cap, so… if you’ve got the leftover in your cap, that won’t look good, too messy, i guess. Even though they use gold color, but still.. it doesn’t look good you have messy leftover color in your cap.






So.. let’s take a look with the shades i’ve got:





This is the lightest color i have, it’s a pink color, i think it’s more pink rosy color. it’s so beautiful. Stay Exclusive is my number 1 favorite from this collection.





Evermore sublime for me is like a pinky coral. definitely a beautiful color. This one has a sheen in it even though still creamy. But yes.. i can noticed the sheen.





I love Just Alluring, it’s pink fuchsia color. Bright. Bold. Beautiful.





If you checked on Max Factor website, ever sumptuous is more like brick soft orangey color. But when you see  it in real, it’s definitely pure orange color. I like to pair it only with mascara and simple liner on my eyes.






I like this color too, i wish they could make it matte formula with this color. Seriously i don’t have this kind of purple color in my collection. So.. yeah, this one is such a uniques purple color for me. Look at that swatch.. isn’t that beautiful?

*Whispering*…. I know.




L – R : Stay Exclusive – Evermore Sublime – Just Alluring – Ever Sumptuous – Eternally Luscious




Okay, to sums up:



  • I like the formula, it’s creamy though some colors are with sheen.
  • It’s so smooth on lips
  • Easy to applied
  • Very pigmented color
  • Yes, it’s long lasting.. up to 7 hours on my lips especially if that’s bold color
  • For me, it’s worth the price. (It retails for Rp. 115.000,-)



  • I don’t like the packaging.I wish it could be more sturdy and clean, because it’s made from plastic.
  • It has scent in it. it’s like candy, even though it doesn’t reach my nose but yeah… you know i don’t like scent for my lipsticks.


Marks: 7.5/10


Will i repurchase?

Yes, for some colors.

Will i recommend to friends?

Yep! Definitely!



See you in my next posts. :*


Gea Irraselda A.



(twitter/instagram: @gwea).




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