Disclosure: i bought this product with my own money, i am not being paid to write my post and my opinions are honest and my own. What works for me may not works for others , and the same as what not works for me may works for others.


Hellow good people…

This will be a chit chat about the perfumes i bought two days ago, and will be the first time i review about fragrance not cosmetics. I’m not an expert in fragrance things, so.. i’ll only say what’s on my mind and my opinion, hopefully it will help you all if you want to get new perfumes.

So.. two days ago i managed myself bought 2 new perfumes (correction: 2 perfumes on miniature size). The D&G No. 3 – L’imperatrice and D&G No. 6 – L’amoureux. They are D&G Anthology Collection. There are 5 fragrances in the collection:

  1. D&G 1 – Le Bateleur
  2. D&G 3 – L’imperatrice
  3. D&G 6 – L’amoureux
  4. D&G 10 – La Roue De La Fortune
  5. D&G 18 – La Lune


I already had 3 of them in full size, which each of it is 100ml, and two days ago, there was a company bazaar for end of year, as usual. And.. that time the first time i came to the room, i laid my eyes on that 2 cutest size in the box. Yap! That D&G 3 and D&G 6 on their miniature size. I grabbed them right away, too bad i couldn’t get the D&G 10, because my boss is already took them away.




For me D&G 3 has more summer scent in it than D&G 6 which is more intense, i must say. I love both of them while some days i feel girly i’ll wear L’imperatrice and some days when i feel sexy, i’ll wear L’amoureux instead.

D&G 3 has kiwi and watermelon scent in it, i like it, it’s sweet scent but not the sweetness that will make you dizzy but kind of freshy sweet, (i don’t know what i said – hahahaha….). sorry, i’m not used to describe fragrances, but i hope it’s help. Hahahaha… Again, yeah, It has sweet and fresh scent you will want to have in summer time and feeling girly, wearing your floral dress and bando. That’s how i describe the L’imperatrice.

While D&G 3 for me has some summer scent in it, D&G 6 has some intense sexy feeling when you wear it. At least i feel that way. L’amoureux is a unisex fragrance, i can feel the masculinity and still have my feminine side outward. I can smell some kind of pepper in it and woodsy notes which i think that’s why this fragrance has some spicy scent. It’s not the spicy that piercing too much to my like, but kind of warm spicy thing that will be more soft in the next couple hours. Very recommended androgynous fragrance.

For the longevity and their sillage, i think they have almost the same longevity on your body when you wear it, around 3-4 hours. i can’t blame that because it’s an EDT not an EDP, so, that’s okay. Their sillage though, for me they are on the same level too, but i vote for D&G 6 more.

I almost forgot to show you the cuteness of my new perfume miniature and compare it with the full size ones. But… even in miniature size, they still have the same scent quality. Perfect for collector, and even when you want to wear it, that’s okay, because it’s so tiny and you can put them in your pouch. Here they are:









That’s all for today!

See you in my next posts.


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Gea Irraselda Ardhita




(Twitter/Instagram: @gwea)


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