Day 6: Fiveways to win your heart

I just realized, i havent post my day 6 challenge. It’s late. I know.. Who cares?

Today, i played a lot with one of my best good friend. Hahaha.. why i said that? because sometimes i feel she is my best friend, but sometimes not. Hahahahaha… anyway.. she’s still a good friend of mine.

We already be friended since almost 5 years ago. that’s a long journey of friendship and still continue i hope. Sometimes we fight, sometimes we calm. But one thing for sure, when you get close to someone, either it’s a friendship or in relationship you’ll know their strength, their weakest moment, you share tears, joy and still accept them in any situation.

Today i want to share about five ways to win my heart. It’s not that hard, considering i think i’m pretty adaptable to any kind of situation and people. But to really be in my inner circle, it’s kinda challenging.

1) Be genuine

Yes. Genuine in everything you said, everything you do. Maybe you can compare it with honesty. Almost the same thing, but i like to use ‘Genuine’ word in this matter. Because i think honest is only about what you said, while genuine it includes your attitude amd behaviour. I don’t mean that you need always to be polite to me. No…
What i mean is. Just be yourself when you’re with me. Don’t try too hard, i can sense fakeness.

2) Be Funny and Have Serious Side

Yes. I love funny people, who doesn’t?
You don’t have to be comedian, i don’t mean that. But at least, you have sense of humor, don’t take everything too seriously. Sometimes we need to laugh, and yes, i like people who can make me laugh out loud.

But…. of course in the other hand, you need to have a serious side, a side when if i need to talk something important, i can ask your advice and your opinions, i can share all things and secrets in my life and you’ll keep them and give a feed back in either serious or fun ways.

3) Have Self-Confident

Why self-confident is important to me? Well, for me it’s one of important thing if you want to be my friend and even more want to be my boyfriend.

We, as human being, need to socialize. And it sometimes we do our social thing with different people with different backgrounds and different places. Sometimes those people are high maintainance people and even the spots we visit, and sometimes not.

For me, the problem with people with lack of self confident, they don’t want to socialize with many people, like they use their ‘shyness’ as an excuse to not to socialize with them and living in their mind that they are enough only knowing some other people in their only environment.

I can’t babysit those kind of people. I’ll just leave them alone.

4) Be Understanding

For me it’s more like accepting people as who they are. This is apply especially in relationship. Like.. accept me for who i am, with all my strong and weak moment, with all my tears, joy, my angry times, my dull times, etc.

5) Have passion

You need to have something you like to do, like your own world. It’s okay if it’s not the same thing like mine. In the end we can share our stories and stuffs about our passion, about our dreams, our journey to reach that dream. That means.. we learned from each other, in friendship and in relationship.


See you in my next posts. I know it’s late to post this. But… who cares, anyway?


Gea Irraselda

(twitter/instagram: @gwea)


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