Day 4: Write about someone who inspires you.

First of all, can i mention 2 persons that inspires me? Because they were. They are the reasons where i’m now and still.. still.. trying to be better, though maybe some laziness come and a kind of feeling “maybe.. i’m not that good enough” and  difficult time.

But seriously, until now i still remember why i started all these things the first time, the pray i sent to God, the dreams, and  the most important is the first time why i liked it.

The 2 persons who inspires me until now maybe don’t have a really big name like coco chanel, mother theresa, or marilyn monroe, or else.. hahaha.
But for me they are one of the most inspiring women who get successful through their creativity and even making business of it.

1) Lauren Curtis

She is the first beauty guru on youtube that i’ve watched. She is a regular girl in Australia at first but really talented in doing make up. She worked in Bobbi Brown Australia and now she is a full time youtuber and a make-up artist of course, haha..

Love, love, love her works, even until she reaches this point, she is a down to earth girl. I want to attach her youtube link, but my internet seem doesnt friendly right now.

2) Shannon Harris (Shaaanxo)

She is amazing.
Another inspiring beauty youtuber. I still remember the first time i watched her video. She is so funny with her style like “emh.. i don’t know what i’m doing with my life” hahaha… that’s so hilarious to me.
But one thing i learned from her, she has that dream, she works hard for her dream, and look at what she achieved now.

She already has a make brand “XO beauty” with more than 2 millions followers on youtube and she’s still young.

Again, i want to attach her works, but my internet connection sucks right now.


I think that’s all for today.

See you in my next posts.

Gea Irraselda A.

(twitter/instagram: @gwea)


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