Sometimes later can be never, so… i start my 30 day writing challenge today. To be honest, there are simple things that can make me really happy, although having much money can make me happy too, hahaha. Well, i guess it depends how we see things, even the situation that we have can affect those things. For me, here they are:

  1. Doing my make up!!!
  2. My lipstick collection. Correction: My make up collection, Indeed!
  3. Listening to my ipod while i’m waiting for the train to come.
  4. Finding new album, new artist; like yesterday i found a new album from Dresses it’s an EP and I love all the songs.
  5. Sunshine day (even though these days i need rain)
  6. Finish a deadline in work. (The feeling is like… WHOAAHHH Finally.. i can finish this, let’s do the next, hahaha…)
  7. Ice cream vanilla mixed with chocolate as a topping (…and you can add oreo there..)
  8. Watching Beauty Gurus on youtube (you know… it’s inspired me to make beauty youtube channel too since 4 years ago, but, yeah…. maybe later…)
  9. To be in love and being loved by someone
  10. Hanging out with the closest ones in my life. My family, boyfriend, best friends.

Image Source: playbuzz

That’s all…

Thank you for reading, see you in my next posts.


Gea Irraselda A.

(twitter/instagram: @gwea)


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