“Disclosure: i bought this product with my own money, i am not being paid to write my post and my opinions are honest and my own. What works for me may not works for others , and the same as what not works for me may works for others.”

Helooww beauty lovers…

Somehow today i want write a post about one brand of my lipsticks collection; Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick. I have 6 colors of these lipstick. Max Factor itself is one of my favorite drugstore brands. i have many kind of their products; their foundations, eyeliners, mascara, powders, eyeshadows, etc. So far i’m satisfied using their products, of course there are some hits and misses with them.

Max factor colour elixir lipstick is one of my favorite in my collection, yup.. after all, i won’t have six of them in my vanity. Max Factor claims that their Colour Elixir lipstick will gives you smooth, soft lips with gorgeous colour.

taken from their website:
– A blend of 60% emollients, conditioners and antioxidants including vitamin E 》 (read the ingridients)
– Instant fabulous colour 》 (✔)
– Actively moisturises for smoother, fuller lips (vs bare lips) 》 (✔ – although i don’t find them are making my lips fuller)

For myself i find them smooth in application, and have nice pigmented colour.

Here are the swatches:
(Somehow using flash shows me their true colour)







I think i will give my opinion of their each swatches colour separated in each post, about their own colour and pigmentation and what i think about them. So this post only general opinion about Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick.


– It moistures my lips without looking oily
– Of course it won’t dry my lips, perfect when i don’t want to use matte lipstick
– It’s pretty affordable for me. It retails for not more than Rp. 120.000,- i think.
– Easy to find in dept. stores like Metro, Sogo and Matahari
– It has many varian colours
– It stays pretty long on my lips, especially for bold colour like RUBY TUESDAY and POMEGRANATE. For about 4-5 hours without re-apply, of course it will fades when i drink or eat but only little.
– I like the packaging, it looks luxury with gold colour, and it shows the lipstick colour inside in the bottom of packaging, so it makes us easier when we want to use it.

– For people who likes matte lipstick, of course these ones not your cup of tea.
– I wish they have matte finish and more and more colours. really.
– To be honest, i don’t have any complaints about this Max Factor Colour Elixis Lipstick.

Mark: 88/100




How about you guys..?
Have you tries Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick?
And what do you think about them?

See you in my next posts.

Gea Irraselda A.

(twitter/instagram: @gwea)


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