“Disclosure: A friend gave me this product, i got it for free, i am not being paid to write my post and my opinions are honest and my own. What works for me may not works for others, and the same as what not works for me may works for others.”

Moooowwwning beauty lovers…

I think it’s been a while since i wrote my last post here about tarot and astrology whatsoever.

Today i want to post about something i really love, yes… LIPSTICK!.

Hahahahaha… what else, right?

Before that, i want to say, i noticed a difference in wordpress layout or template or whatever, because the last time i wrote, their tabs are in right area of the writing box, now, it’s in the left area. Not, really important right? hahahahhaa…. Well, let’s start to our main topic today.

I got a new lipstick from a friend couple of days ago and surprisingly.. i like it.

For all of you who knows me in person, yes, i work for Anna Sui and Max Factor Indonesia. But i can promise my review is honest and based on what i experienced with the product itself.

To be honest, i haven’t got the newest Anna Sui Lipstick until, she got it for me. The new packaging is so beautiful and the lipstick itself is sooooo cute. AHA!… hehehehe…



See…. it’s beautiful, right? i love the design, it’s more like European and Japanese romanticism, hahahaha… Yoko Ono and John Lennon style 😛 But, again, it’s beautiful for me.



For the ingredients itself, i noticed there are no parabens here, so… that’s another good thing about this lipstick. For some of you who already has Anna Sui Lipstick in your vanity, must be know that Anna Sui lipstick has a soft fragrance, more like a tea rose for me, but because the fragrance is soft, so that’s not a problem for me (as you know… i don’t like strong fragrance lipstick on my lips).



Say HI to my Rillakuma there… 🙂

Beautiful pink color with catchy star design. It’s a pink shade with micro glitter in it and a glossy finish. It’s my favorite kind of pink. Yeay!! you got me the right one shade friend!. I love this kind of pink, a soft pink or you can say a nude pink where i can wear it with bold eye make-up or day make-up styles. Perfect for both each other style. LOVE IT TO THE MAX :* :* :*



As i see the color, you can see the texture is glossy and to be honest, usually… i don’t interested too much with lipstick which has a glossy finish. I don’t know but… i just don’t like glossy finish, but it’s okay with this one because i think the glossy isn’t too oily on lips… Imagine if you have an oily lips..? oooo, that’s a big no no for me.

This one, even though it has glossy finish, but glossy and glitter itself are subtle for me, It glides smoothly on lips, NOT TOO OILY what so ever, so…it’s safe for me. After applied on lips the glitters somehow fade away itself, so… don’t worry, you won’t have a disco ball lips. :))

As for staying power, it last around 4-5 hours on my lips without drink and eat. Even when you drink, it only fades away a little.. sooo… That’s a WOW for glossy finish lipstick, right?.

To sums up:


1) Beautiful design for lipstick, it’s eye catchy for me. You will like it if you are kind of a lipstick collector, to add some collections in your vanity.

2) Shade G 351 is a beautiful pink color, perfect for bold eye make-up and day make-up, suitable for fair and medium skin tone in my opinion.

3) Good packaging.

4) No Parabens.

5) Soft fragrance. Personally, i don’t like lipstick with strong fragrance, fortunately, it’s a soft fragrance, so… it’s okay for me.

6) Stays quite long on lips even though it has glossy finish (4-5 hours).


1) Glossy finish. I don’t like lipstick with glossy finish somehow… and i don’t know why. But… i can make sure for this one, it won’t get your lips oily, just glossy.

2) Quite Expensive. It retails for Rp. 310.000,-

Color on My Lips

Color on My Lips


Forgive my messy hair, hahahaha…

Okay… i think that’s all for my Anna Sui Lipstick G 351 review, overall… i love it.

Mark: 7.5/10

Will definitely try another shades with other finishes or texture.

See you in my next posts beauty lovers..  XOXO

Gea Irraselda Ardhita

(twitter/instagram: @gwea)


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