“Disclosure: i bought this product with my own money, i am not being paid to write my post and my opinions are honest and my own. What works for me may not works for others , and the same as what not works for me may works for others.”

Good morning beauty lovers,

I want to make a review of local eyeshadow La Tulipe No. 19. Honestly, i took the picture more than 6 months ago, but because of my laziness and inconsistency in writting, so those photos only still in my “to be published” folder. Hahaha… -_-”

So, everyone, or not everyone maybe… every woman who lives in Indonesia especially, they who loves make up and beauty products must know about La Tulipe, at least ever heard of it. I think La Tulipe is one of the oldest cosmetic in Indonesia, i read their blog, it was founded in 1980 by the late Prof. Dr. Indro Handojo, dr, SpPK (KAI, KPT-I), the medical consultant of La Tulipe Cosmetiques. I will attach their website.

I bought their mini palette eyeshadow in no. 19. it has 4 eyeshadow colors, and a little brush, for me packaging is ok-ish. I meant, it’s pretty decent from outside and when you open the palette you can see a beautiful gold color for their inside packaging, it adds some luxury sense in it somehow. I like it. Maybe a little bit old but.. mmm… i’m okay with it. Plus…it has a mirror in it, so when you are in a rush and cannot find your other mirror in your bag, you always can use this mirror to touch up your make up.

I know ladies, i know.. we always have a-backup mirror in our bag, just in case… 😉



Do you know why i think i need this baby in my collection?

Because.. i’m falling in love with the brick orange color, that one, below the green color, yes, that color is tempting to have, and it really is pigmented. I’m fallin’ in love the first time i swatched it, i know i need that palette. Hahaha.. ^^

Let’s see the swatches:





as you can see from the swatches above, they are so pigmented, right? Well, at least for the shimmer colors (vanilla, green and brick) They are soooo beautiful. I promise you. The brown color is less pigmented, i don’t know why, but it has satin finish, so it still beautiful and very subtle, again… not very pigmented. I suggest… if you want add some deep brown color for your outer, i think you should use your other brown colors.

That vanilla is so beautiful for highlighting your brow bone and put them in your tearduct, it will make your eyes brighter. I’m very pleased with their pigmentation, it’s really worth. but i suggest you would want to use eyeshadow base or eye primer so the color will more stand out. 🙂

Let’s take a look the cardboard so you’ll know the ingredients of these shadows:




To Sums up:


1) Very pigmented shadows

2) It’s cheap too, not more than Rp. 50.000,- i think…

3) Easy to find in drugstores (guardian, watsons) or malls, mostly mds (matahari dept. stores), but i bought mine in pasar baru.

4) The inside packaging gives some luxury sense, because of the gold color in it.

5) Has a mirror inside.


1) The brown color is not very pigmented than the others.

2) I don’t like the outside packaging, because it’s white color, i think it would be sphisticated if they put maybe black or pink , maybe… hahaha, and not plastic!

That’s a wrapped for this review, i hope it helped you a bit as a recommendation if you want to buy a new shadows, maybe..

Please give me your comments down below and like my post. I’d really appreciate it.

See you in my next posts…

Gea Irraselda Ardhita

(twitter/instagram: @gwea)


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