Hello lovelies…

I skipped the August monthly favorite, sorry about that…
But now i want to post my September beauty favorites, i hope this is not late as i think today is still in early-mid October. Well… to be honest, i don’t have anything new this time, but i hope you’ll still like them.
Let’s jump to the beauty products:

1) Lorac Pro Palette Eyeshadows

Somehow last month, most of days i stick to natural looks, and what can be natural than the lorac pro palette eyeshadow. The shades i used the most are lt.bronze, taupe, sable, espresso, champagne and black. Those are my go to shades. Sometimes i use nude and cream but not most of times. you know form the picture below that lt’bronze is a well loved shade. 🙂

Lorac Pro Eyeshadow Palette 1

Lorac Pro Eyeshadow Palette 1

2) Mac Naked Lunch and Beautistyle Eyeshadow A14

Well, another natural eyeshadow pair that i love. But this combo is my go to shadows if i’m lazy to open my lorac palette. These 2 eyeshadows are easy to use, blended easily, make a very nice pair. Love love love, and it doesn’t need to much space when storage them in my beauty case. Usually i’ll just put the naked lunch all over my lid and add the A14 beatistyle on my outerlid. If i want to make it bold and kinda smokey i’ll just put the A14 more on the outer lid and blend it inward and blend it on my crease too and also put it under eyes to make the smokey effect more visible.

Mac Naked Lunch and Beautistyle A14

Mac Naked Lunch and Beautistyle A14

3) Max Factor Wild Mega Volume Mascara

Hoho… this is even a surprise to me, i put this mascara in my last month favorite. But It was. Even until today, i still use this mascara almost everyday and definitely a new love.

Well… the 1st time i bought this eyeshadow, i don’t think i can use it because of the wand is a little bit weird for me. It’s big and… don’t know there’s just something about the brush that makes me don’t like it. So… for around 2 months ago it just sat on my storage.

Well, in early September, i think i want to use another mascara, so… let’s try this big green one. At first, it’s hard to use because maybe i’m not used to big brush like this. Well, even though bad girls from benefit has the big brush too and i love it. But this one has different shape so.. i think that’s the difference.

No.. it doesn’t clump on my lashes. it’s surprisingly give nice volume on my lashes and it’s perfect volume for daily use i think. The problem is… because this mascara has big wand and brush and the shape is a little bit different from my other mascara, sometimes it gives dot on my eyelid while i’m using this. i think that’s a big problem for me when i’m in hurry and i need to wipe the dots on the eyelid and back to put my eyeshadow again. Yeah… it takes time.




4) Mac Creme Cup and Pink Noveau Lipstick

These 2 lipstick are gorgeous whether i put them alone or combo them. Usually when i use smokey eye, i’ll just put the creme cup alone on my lips, but if the eye make up is not dominating i’ll use both of them or just swap the pink noveau itself and it will make a stand out appearance.

Mac Creme Cup and Pink Noveau Lipstick

Mac Creme Cup and Pink Noveau Lipstick

That’s all my beauty favorites of September.
What are yours?
Share them with me in the comment box.

See you in my next posts. XO.

Gea Irraselda Ardhita

(twitter/instagram: @gwea)


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