Good evening lovely people…

I’m thinking that i want to make a regular music posts. I think i will post it every Saturday so i can keep it up regularly, you know what i meant…
Sometimes i’m lazy to write so, if i make it on weekend maybe i can do it on Saturday, i hope i can commit with that and do it on Saturday morning, though right now it’s not morning anymore at least in Indonesia.

So… what i’ll write here is i think about what i have listened in a week, maybe it’s an album or some songs or i don’t know, but it will definitely about music as i love music so much.

So, for my first post of Saturday tunes, October 11, 2014, i want to post about my songs that i listened almost for a week behind. Here are the songs:

1) Petra Shombing Ft. ben Sihombing – Mine
This is Indonesian song, honestly i can’t believe myself when i like this song. Because these days i almost never listen to any Indonesian songs. Anyway… the lyrics are in English and it’s so super duper romantic. Will be on my list of wedding songs.

2) Magic! – Rude
One of my friend really like this song, she always sings this song wherever whenever it being played in radio. So.. i’m curious about this song too, besides the rhythm which i think a little bit reggae and that makes this song unique for me. Well.. the wikipedia called it reggae fusion.

3) Grouplove – Ways to go
I found them out of nowhere in youtube. That’s what i like about youtube, like you jump to rabbit hole of alice in wonderland and suddenly you arrived in weird happy land. hahaha…
So… what i like about this song, you should listen to it, i think you will like the song too even if you think it’s kinda racist. Well, to be honest, it’s not racist for me just because the video shows about “North Korean Leader when he was a child in their perspective”.
The rhythm is addictive. the lyrics is okay for me.

4) CHVRCHES – Lungs
I found that i listened to this song more than the mother we shared. I don’t know why…
But too bad, i cannot find the video version of this song, so… let me just put the live version of this song.

5) Blonde Redhead – Cat on tin roof
I really like this song, the rhythm is simple and is like listening to a kid song somehow… hahahaha, i know it doesn’t make sense, but that’s what i think when i listen to this song. The lyric is not too long. The music was good! Of course again, sorry i cannot find their official video. But this is their new song of their new album Barragin

Okay folks…
That’s my music for this week.
Hope you enjoy them too.

Goodnight and sleeptight.
Tomorrow i hope i will post a make-up review.

Gea Irraselda Ardhita

(twitter/instagram: @gwea)


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