“Disclosure: i bought this product with my own money, i am not being paid to write my post and my opinions are honest and my own. What works for me may not works for others , and the same as what not works for me may works for others.”


Hi Lovelies….

As I said in my previous post yesterday, i want to make a further review about my current favorite mascara “MaxFactor 2000 Calorie Mascara”. I have it in new version which the packaging is black with red fonts on it. The old ones is discontinued in Indonesia. The old version has normal applicator, with this new version it has a curved brush.

Let’s take a look the packaging:

(I took it from my previous post)



Actually i like the packaging, for me it has normal size as a mascara, not too big, not too small, just enough size. The packaging has black color, which for me it is great too, it’s a basic color. I like simple ones.

So, it claimed (i read the maxfactor website):

1) With curved brush applicator, it will creates curl

2) Great choice for sensitives eyes and contact lens wearer

3) Up to 300% more volume vs. bare lashes

4) Fragrance free and smudge proof.


Here is the brush look like:

DSC_0105As you can see, yes… it is the type of brush that will gives volume more than lengthening.

let’s break down what i think about this mascara based on their claim.

1) With curved brush applicator, it will creates curl

Yes it is. And i am impressed with result because i almost never curl my lashes… to be honest. This mascara gives me enough curls at least for daily occasion and it held the curls long, all day, i never re-applied it.

2) Great choice for sensitives eyes and contact lens wearer

For this point, i don’t think i can give a nice review, because i don’t have sensitive eyes. and i don’t wear contact lens. I wear glasses, but not contact lens. Well, as i wear glasses on my daily, i don’t find the mascara damages my eyes with redness and stuffs, nope. They are still normal on my eyes. I don’t know… maybe my eyes isn’t sensitives. I want to know if some of you who has sensitives eyes and have tried this mascara, please give me comment of what you think about them.

3) Up to 300% more volume vs. bare lashes

I can’t estimates how many percents it build my lashes, but i can say, it gives enough volume for me for daily basis, and night occasion with friends, so, i can tell you this is a pretty good mascara in case you need more volume for your lashes.

4) Fragrance free and smudge proof

yes. It’s fragrance free, which is for me it’s great because i don’t think it is necessary to have any fragrance on my lashes. Smudgeproof. yes, but it is not really smudge proof. i’m sorry i didn’t take any picture to test this smudge-proof-ness, but i tested it. Yes it is smudge proof but not too smudge-proof, i don’t know to say it. Because when i rubbed my palm it’ s still move but some of it stays. i rubbed it hard on my palm, so… i don’t think any people will rub their eyes hardly as on the palm.


This is my eyes without mascara





And this is my eyes with mascara 1 coat:




And this is my eyes with multiple coats (2-4 coats):



As you can see, it adds depth on my eyes and gives more volume and curl my lashes. Even though i put up to 4 coats i didn’t find it to be heavy on my lashes, it’s very light, so.. that is great for me.

By the way, i’m sorry i didn’t wear any make up when i took this photo so… this is really my bare face and definitely it has many flaws, but sometimes i  love it when i don’t wear any make up at all. Sometimes i need to rest my face from make-up.



it’s i forgot the price, i will update it when i remember and check it again. But i think it’s around $10 or in Indonesia currency it’s Rp. 100.000,- something (more or less).

Where to find it:
In many dept. stores like Sogo, Metro, Debenhams, and Matahari




1) For me it’s cheap for the result i have on my lashes. This mascara is worth the price.

2) It’s easy to find the mascara, many dept. stores.

3) Fragrance free (which i prefer from a mascara)

4) It gives curl on my lashes

5) It gives pretty decent volume for my lashes.

6) Not clumpy whatsoever

7) Light texture

8) The packaging is simple (if you like simple things like me)



1) It claimed to be smudgeproof, but i think it’s not really smudge-proof.

2) A little bit dry (but not heavy)



Okay beauty readers…

That’s a wrapped for today, thank you for reading my post… please give me your comments down below and like my post. I’d really appreciate it. Don’t forget to follow me on my other social media.

See you on my next posts.



Gea Irraselda Ardhita



(twitter/instagram: @gwea)





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