Hi lovely people…

it’s long time since i wrote my last blog, it was about looks, if i’m not mistaken.
Well, right now, i want to update about songs i listened recently.
Surprisingly… these days i like to listen some of EDM songs, i don’t know why, maybe because i like to watch vlogs of my favorite beauty guru and her boyfriend “Shaaanxo and Hamish” in Hamish youtube channel and he likes to put EDM songs as his music background. His youtube channel is called Moosh Moosh Vlogs.

And i think my other reason like this EDM songs is because this song can give you motivation to exercise… hahaha, yeah i know it’s silly reason, but seriously this kind of songs really motivate me, to do some cardio workouts and get to work my ass than just sitting in front of tv or computer watching korean drama.

So… yah.. let’s jump to songs i like to listen these days:

1) My number one favorite is TEN FEET FALL by Afrojack ft. Wrabel… such of a great songs and very addictive.

2) My second favorite song is I Need Your Love by Ellie Goulding & Calvin Harris (Jacob Plant Remix). I like their original version, but i think this jacob remix is DOPE!!! i cant listen to this song and not feel bored at all.

3) Martin Garrix!!! Oh man, i love this boy… he is such a talented boy making some good music. ANIMAL is a song that really want me to keep move my body.

4)  I really love Hurts now and then… and i can’t explain how excited i am when i know they collaborated with Calvin Harris and Alesso in Undercontrol song. Soooo much happy and this song is really really dope!

5)  I like this song alot, on last thursday… i played it over and over again at the office to boos my mood because i feel really sick that time. MAX ELTO – SHADOW OF THE SUN (MAKO REMIX)

Okay… i think that’s all my favorite songs these days…. Hope you’ll like the songs too and thank you for reading.

See you in next posts, whether about beauties or others…

Love you…

Gea Irraselda Ardhita

(twitter/instagram: @gwea)


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