Hi, Good evening lovely people.

I think i can’t post about my morning song recently… ugghhh.. sometimes i hate myself that can’t be consistent writing my blogs on schedule. Well, i don’t have precise time to write blog, but… still… yeah.. hahahaha.. i know you’ll understand the laziness. Again, i’ll still write the “MY MORNING SONG” if i had time in the morning or in the afternoon to do it. But for today, let me post my favorite song these days. Don’t worry, this won’t be my other projects like MY MORNING SONG and you will say, ahh, she cannot do it consistently, well, i only write about this if i think i have favorite songs around 2-4 weeks that i always like to listen, so i think this would more reasonable to me to write about this songs maybe every month. Opppss.. again, i made projects. Hahahaha, well, let’s see about that later.


These songs that i will talk about are songs that i keep listening on my ipod and i rewind it couple of times until i get bored for last month which was December 2013, so… i have 5 songs and that would be:

“da ra ram pum” *my drummer voice*

Well, as i remembered i have posted about this song on July and surprisingly i keep listening to this song, and still keep this song on my Ipod until now and still in love with Trey and his lovely songs. Yes, Already Taken has nice beats, i even move my heads and body when i listen to it and sing some of the lyrics, definitely an addictive RnB song.

I’m back listening to this song these days, i feel the lyrics can still catch my heart and has emotions that i cannot explain in words. I always like SIA since…. i know her songs, hahahaha… that doesn’t make sense, right? Well, i forget when the 1st time i heard her song was, but i think the 1st of her songs that i listened was breathe me. I like breathe me, but it turns out that i listen Academia more than Breathe Me as the time goes by. SIA puts herself on 5th rank in my LAST.FM library artist. YEEEAAYY..

3) F(X) – Rum Pum Pum Pum
Who said korean songs are not great? I do love them, ASIAN SONGS. ALL…
Hahahaha… well, especially for last month, i become addict to RUM PUM PUM PUM by F(X). Love their dance, love the beats, love the outfits, love the make-up, love all about them!!! I know this songs published by SM_TOWN since July 2013 so, from then i keep listening to this song until now and haven’t get bored of it.

Another korean songs that i love at least for last month, LOVING YOU by SISTAR.
LOVE this songs soooooooooooooo MUCH. You will know why i love this song when you watch the video.

NOW you have watched the video? and get what i mean?
It is the holiday theme video they bring up for this song. It’s so lively, fun and makes me want to have the holiday too. SOON, hahaha… well, but yes, i think i need a real holiday, i meant HOLIDAY, BEACH, BEACH SANDS, WATCHING SUNSET, COCONUT TREES, HOT PANTS and TANK TOP only. Uggghhh… need them so much, seriously. Well, not because of the video but the lyrics and the beats are also fun. “Na Eottoke, What Should I do?” *Singing*, hehehe….

This song is just AMAZING. ADDICTIVE.
For you that doesn’t like instrument songs, this song might be not for you, but for me.. this song is soothing, perfect for travelling even in traffic jam. just perfect for my every moods. 🙂

That’s a wrap for favorite songs these days, hope you’ll like them all too, or some of them, or maybe one of them, hahaha….

Please do tell me what’s your favorite song these days in the comment section if you’d like, and thank you for reading if you are now… 🙂

Gea Irraselda Ardhita

(twitter: @gwea)


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