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This post has been in my draft since 2013, sorry about that. I think i was on my lazy mood to post things, but i actually did slowly by slowly put words in this post just not all of them.

So.. i think i subscribed around 24 persons of beauty gurus in my youtube channel, but my favorite gurus are around 6 persons. i called them my most favorite because i always come back to their channel to watch the tips and trick and their creations of make-up and i always wait for their new posting. So.. yeah, maybe later i’ll add more person if i think they have cool creations of make-up look and ideas.

Let’s jump up to number 1 favorite beauty guru:

1) Karissa Pukas (SaturdayNightsALrite!)
Her channel starts with happy intro song that make me like “waaahhh” hahaha. She has Get Ready With Me, Make up Tutorial and Hair Tutorial that i’d like to watch almost every time she posts the new ones. I think she is Canadian and currently lives in Sydney. Her Make-Up Tutorials are mostly simple and she likes to use many product from drugstore to high-end products. Her Make-up Tutorial are mostly simple and wearable.

Here is one of her tutorial that i like:

Karissa Pukas – Azure Eyes Tutorial

2) Julia Graf (MissChievous)
Oh My God! I cannot describe how much i love her channel. Her make-up creations are always look awesome in my eyes. She has Celebrity look-alike Make-up in her channel, she has many very experiment with Eyeshadow Make-up Tutorial, which i really loved, and she is very good with Costume Make-Up Party which i double loved. Well, i think she is from German but currently lives in United States, because she has sub-channel which is in German Language. Whoooahh… cannot explain anymore. Let’s see one of her video that i really loved:

*i think i use so many love words here* haha..

Julia Graf – Masquerade Venetian Ball Halloween Tutorial

3) Michelle Phan
People who loves make-up, especially like me who likes to watch beauty gurus from youtube, must know about Michelle Phan. Her make-up tutorials are almost wearable. I think she doesn’t make sub-channel in her youtube channel. All you can check it in popular uploads. She starts youtube just from her hobby to make-up and make video of herself until now…. she has her own cosmetic line “EM by Michelle Phan”. It’s just a wow to me… she is an inspirational person. 🙂
Michelle provides us from many make-up tutorials; from basics, how to…, costume, DIY, challange, and many more. that’s why i love her. ❤

Honestly, i always fall in love with her first video.

Michelle Phan – Natural Looking Makeup Tutorial

4) Goss Make-up Artist

I love him. He’s a genius for me. Well, he doesn’t provide the viewers with the usual beauty guru things like do some make up and get ready with me. NOPE. but i think there are some of make-up he did, but most of his videos are about tips. And i love his tips, do and dont’s and tricks, and some reviews. Believe me, for me his tips are WOW. 🙂

My favorite tips from him is how to apply blush on.


5) Lauren Curtis

Lauren is the first beauty guru whom i watched in youtube, and has been my favorite since then. She is energetic, happy go beautiful girl, and her make-up ideas always awesome for me. she use drugstore products to high-end products. And she is another inspirational person for me too. Here is one of my favorite looks from her tutorial:

Lauren Curtis – Purple Smokey Eye Tutorial + GIVEAWAY!!!

6) Luxy Hair
This beauty guru now isn’t about make-up but hair tutorial. Well, hair is a part of beauty look isn’t it? She is my favorite beauty guru when it comes to hair, most of her tutorials are simple, easy to be applied and wearable. This one is one of my favorite videos of hers.

Luxy Hair – Quick & Messy Bun / Up-Do

Yap, done for my favorite beauty gurus. Love them all, i almost watched all of their works and tips and creations, JUST LOVE THEM.

Thank you for reading, if you are now.

See you in next post.

Gea Irraselda Ardhita

(twitter: @gwea)


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