It’s 9.46 PM here in my country.
I live in Jakarta, Indonesia.
I thought it’s not too late to post about My Morning Song.
Lately, my life is all about work and home, to be honest, i feel like i don’t have much time as before i was in my former office. Meeting friends and stuffs. Seriously. somehow even i feel like one by one of friend found their settle life too, because one by one gets married. It’s not that i feel like i want to hurry in getting married, NOT LIKE THAT. i’m just…. *indescribable*

So… lately, my favorite songs feel a little bit cynical to life and i found LORDE fits to express myself in that part.
Actually, my favorite song from LORDE is 400 LUX, but i cannot find the official video on youtube, so.. i’ll post the audio from youtube, PLUS the morning song that i played over and over by LORDE is Tennis Court. Though i played all of the LORDE songs over and over, but Tennis Court i think becomes the most played today in the morning.

Tennis Court by LORDE:


400 LUX by LORDE:

Okay, Shall we say goodnight?
It’s 10.13 PM now.

Thank you 🙂

Gea Irraselda Ardhita

(twitter: @gwea)


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