Update: Oh My God! I Think I Become a Make-Up Junkie!!

Well, Good evening nice people.

It’s kinda long time since my post about My morning Song, and as i predict i cannot get to be a consistent person when it comes to write a blog. i just use my moods and when i feel i need to update something about me or worlds.

Where should i start?


As some of my friends know that i love make up. I meant i really really love make up. i’m fallin’ in love with it. Haha, does that make you all believe? Well, i love make up since i was a child, though i didn’t use make up that time, but as i can remember i have been always tried my mother’s cosmetics everytime she went out and didn’t lock her room. I tried her lipsticks, put on eyeshadows on my eyes just like my mom uses too. i imitated her gestures whe she put on her make up. Haha… that was kinda make me happy looking many colors.

Well… i didn’t put any make up in my high school life. But i became friends with make up again since i was in college continue to university and until now.

Especially NOW… even my sister call me as a cosmetic lover, but you can call me with what you want cosmetic lover, make-up junkie, make-up sucker, you named it.

In 2011, was my first acquaintance with MAX FACTOR, the cosmetic brand that i’m working for now since this January 2013. And i’m super duper fall in love with it. I’ve never found any foundation that really blends well in my skin and give a perfect looking before, but with Max factor, i can say my life is saved. Not only their foundation that i like, i also like their powder, cream blush, lipsticks, mascara and liquid eyeliner.

So… you might guess that my collection products will be mostly from Max Factor, YES THEY ARE. Why Not? Besides i’m working in Max Factor and i’m in love with them, so i continually buy their products whether with staff purchase or buy them directly in counter.

Besides Max Factor i also collect some products from Bourjois, Nyx, The Body Shop, Anna Sui, etc. My products collection most are drugstore to medium products, i think i haven’t had any high end products. I think to buy some of high ends someday.

Oh.. by the way, I love Bourjois Blush Powder, they are really stain in my cheeks for long hours and their colors are absolutely beautiful. And i just knew that Bourjois and Chanel are from the same company *correct me if i’m wrong* but i think that’s why the formula of Bourjois is pretty much the same with Chanel blush. But of course the packaging of Chanel is more luxurious than Bourjois.

These days i like to watch some of beauty gurus on youtube too.. They are more like my daily favorite channels rather than television local programs, especially on weekends.

Next post, i will mention detail the beauty gurus on youtube whom i like, and maybe you can share your favorites too.

Thank you…

Gea Irraselda Ardhita

(twitter: @gwea)


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