I think i want to post my morning song of the day everyday, i already started this in my facebook. but i think i want to post it here.

So, you know… when you wake up in the morning, sometimes you have a song in your head that makes you humming or on the way you go to your office you play some songs but there’s one song that you always repeat because somehow you want to listen to that song that morning. And… THAT SONG! WHAT I WANT TO POST, i’ll try to find the song video in youtube or other similar kind of web.

Well, i hope i can be consistent in doing this post, because really, i’m bad in consistency.

So, i think this is my morning song for today – Friday, July 12, 2013

A song from POP ETC – Live it Up.
POP ETC, before called The Morning Benders, well i like the morning benders and indeed miss their songs too. but i think i can’t miss POP ETC songs too, i think they are quite good.


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