Recently, many things happened in my life. When was the last time i blogged? if i’m not mistaken it was on december, right? and it was about a person i like in my previous office.

Well… maybe it was only love on location. I’m no longer having a relationship with him and never contact him anymore. It’s just stop after i move in to this new office. I’m just feeling it’s not right anymore to stay in that kind of situation. So… i dont know any news about him anymore. The thing is, i’m not sad about it. Rather than sad, i’m starting to worry about my future. You know… future as having a serious relationship with someone. As now, i haven’t met the right man for me in my life yet. I’m hoping i can meet and find him, and be founded by him by this year. Amin.
For me, the right man is not always have to be perfect but, i hope i can have a man in my life who will complete me in all my imperfectness and so do i.

I’m not gonna boring my readers with my “man of my dreams” thing, let’s roll on to another topic.

Yup! Like i said before, recently many things happened in my life. Yes it is.

Recently, mmm… i’m working in a distributed retail company, called Aroma Abadi. They are licensed to import and distribute P&G Prestige products, such as fragrances: hugo boss, dolce&gabbana, dunhill, lacoste, escada, D&G and cosmetics for Max factor and Anna Sui. I hope they will have more brands from P&G.

Well, i’m kind of happy and pretty satisfied with this job because once in 2011 i had my own thinking that i want to work in this company. I use Max factor in my daily life as cosmetics since 2011, their product formula is convenient with my skin. I don’t mean to promote Max factor, yeah.. but i have a sensitive face skin, it’s kinda hard for me to choose or have a suitable cosmetics. So, once i found a brand that fit me, i think i’ll be loyal with that brand.

That when i accepted in this company, i’m so happy, because yeah i’m kinda stuck in POCA, but i don’t want to go back to PROVOKE! either. So… getting a job in Aroma Abadi solved my problem.

Recently, sometimes i see things in different prospective, may be it’s because the environment of my workplace and may be it’s because the situation that has changed in my family. My workplace now is “good” but maybe not too good for me. Mmm… i used to be in the workplace that doesn’t have issue about seniority and i can speak out my mind freely, YES! because it’s MAGAZINE COMPANY. But now, in this company, they have issue with seniority, somehow i feel like people in that office classified someone with their tenure of work in that company. It’s kind of weird for me to be in that situation and YES! i have to keep my parlance in good manner. That’s not mean when i was in PROVOKE! i can speak and act trashly, but when you worked in Magazine company, sure you can speak and act freely and casually about what on your mind is and doesn’t have to be afraid people will judge you impolite or weirdo. When i was in provoke i keep my politeness but i also have a freedom to express things in my mind. But here… NOT ANYMORE!

Actually, i don’t want to change my attitude drastically because that would be a FAKE of ME. I don’t want to be fake and i don’t like it either. Mmmm… I only change the way of my speaking which usually i have a high tone passionately style, but now… it’s more in a low tone and no expression. Hahaha.. if my friends see me, they will be, is that gea? hahahahaha…

And another thing.

Recently, i watched Yeah Yeah Yeahs concert when they had tour here in Indonesia and… THEY ARE SO GREAT! Karen O was amazing. She really made me danced and hopped that nite. Unfortunately but like usually, i can’t watched the whole concert until the end because it’s late at night *Sigh*…

I think that’s a wrap for today.

Gea Irraselda Ardhita

(twitter: @gwea)


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