Someone I Knew For a Few Months

The day i first met you is the day when i knew you’re gonna be someone whom i will trust, to laugh together, to share stories, not to be afraid to say what’s on my mind.

Yes, i was so happy to be destined meeting you
Slowly i fall into your constellation
I trapped in your gaze
I was so amazed by your sense of humor
I think i’ve never seen a man like you before in my life,
not in my community
A few months is not enough
I’d like to know more and more about you
Tell me all your happiness and i’ll accept you at your strongest
Tell me about your fear and sadness, i’ll accept you at your weakest
Either we’ll still be friend or a lover
I hope a few months can be a year
A year can be 5 years
5 years can be forever


i found a song that described my feelings for you:

Gea Irraselda Ardhita
(twitter: @gwea)


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