I think everyone has their own secret joys, i have my own secret joys too. There’s a term for something you like but not everyone knows that; “THERE’S NO ACCOUNTING FOR TASTE”

My secret joys are:
1) Actually, sometimes i like being in traffic jam. Why is that? because sometimes i want time runs slowly, where i can enjoy and see everything around me. Where i can have moments just with myself, and my ipod and seeing around. 🙂

2) I like taking pictures of myself alone, hahaha… i can be narcissistic sometimes, i will grab my phone and taking my picture alone when no one’s around me. i like seeing myself with many pose and choose which the best one. :))

3) I like primping myself, whether the results will be nice or a mess. i love putting eye shadow to my eyelid, i like to put blush on to my apple cheek, and of course my favorite one is applying lipstick to my lips. Lol. i have fetish about my lips, and one of my favorite collection is my lipsticks.

Well, i guess that’s a little about my secret joys, if i tell you more, i would not have secret anymore. HAHAHA…

So, if you read my post, what is your secret joys?
Tell me 1 of your secret joys. I would love read about it 🙂

Gea Irraselda Ardhita
(twitter: @gwea)


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