About maybe 3 days ago i watched a movie, named submarine.
it’s a sweet, romantic, a little family drama and comedy there.

Oliver Tate (Craig Roberts) is a 15-year old boy who is falling in love with his classmate, an unpopular, mischievous, but straight talking girl named jordana (yasmin paige). they’re cooperate to bully one of their classmate who has an overweight zoe preece (lily mccann) just to impress her. in order to apologize, he made a letter that explain weaknesses of people who are always try to bully her. and while he’s giving that letter to a school guard, jordana sees him. She asks him to meet her secretly after school under a bridge and instructs him to also bring a polaroid camera and a diary. she kisses him and take some pictures of it. she did that to make her ex-boyfriend jealous and in return they’ve got bullied and oliver is beaten up for refusing to call jordana a massive slut. they’re walking home together after that, holding hand each other and kissing. oliver asks her whether she wants to be his girlfriend or not? and although she doesn’t answer clearly “i’ll think about it” but that means they’re as a couple now.

is the story end? happy ever after together? nooooo..
this is where the problem arises.

they’re happy as a lover, jordana doesn’t like places which are too romantic, so, he choose some activities that not involving too much emotions such as playing firecracker, burning his hair legs, make a paper boat to have it sail on the river, sitting on a broken bathtub near railway. they even have rules:
1) no pet names
2) no hand-holding
3) no emotions (because it’s gay)

their relationship is growing, but each of them has a family problem , jordana with her fatal brain tumor mather and oliver with his mother’s ex-boyfriend who become their neighbor. he is in the middle of two important things whether has to accompany jordana on his mother surgery moment or repair his parent’s relationship.

Directed by Richard Ayoade, Submarine for me is an easy loving movie which you can have with your boyfriend and friends together on your saturday night movie, maybe?

it’s quite entertain with nice soundtrack in it by alex turner. my favorite song in this movie is hiding tonight. a little bit lyrics of it for you guys:

And I will play the coconut shy
And win a prize even if it’s rigged
I won’t know when to stop
And you can leave off my lid, and I won’t even lose my fizz
I’ll be the polkadots type
I’ll know the way back, if you know the way
But if you are, I am quite alright hiding today

Thank you for reading,
hope you like this movie too.

Gea Irraselda Ardhita
(twitter: @gwea)


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