Hello March :)

maybe it’s kind of a little late to say hello to march, but i’d still like to say it.

two months after i post about what may happen in my life in 2012, on 7 january, well.. i found out that i changed my mind, and.. finally i resigned from that new job, and back to my previous job.

yeahh.. it’s kind of… i don’t know, i think about it over and over and over, and finally, i took the decision, maybe i should hang on a little bit more, a little bit so i could have the better one. because, when i had this training as an blogger, that’s not a real blogger, it’s closer to become a SEM (search engine marketing) which is really different with what i want that time.

yeahh.. call me idealist, but i want to do something that relates with writing, i’m a social medialist, a writer and that’s what i am, not for now, maybe later in next 1-2 months. amin.

have i told you that i have this dream, a hope in future, where i could have my own publishing company, a webzine, a magazine itself, write a book, and others..
it may take a long time to make this dream come true, but i don’t care, as long as you have a dream, the universe will hear it and give it to you, at least, that’s what i believe.

well, that’s an update of my life for today, hope you won’t boring to read that..


owww.. i watched some movies recently, and maybe i want to post about that later.

see you 🙂

Gea Irraselda Ardhita


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