And When Did You Last See Your Father

One week ago, for the third times, i watched “When Did You Last See Your Father” movie, it has always giving me the feeling that … mmm… i hate you father, but i love you too..

I think almost everybody in this world has a common problem like this, not too complicated as this movie, but i’m quite sure we all have arguing moments with our parents (mom or dad), from the small things like “to decide what clothes should we wear for family gathering” up to “deciding what university should we enter in, and sometimes about the major…”

But finally in the end, especially in my age now, i feel like that’s their way to get close with us.

And When Did You Last See Your Father is a british drama film, directed by Anand Tucker, the story is based on the 1993 memoir of the same title by Blake Morrison.

This movie is a series of flashbacks to various periods in the life of Blake Morrison (Colin Firth) as he remembers moments he shared with his father Arthur Morrison (Jim Broadbent) while he tends to him on his deathbed in his home.

Blake is a success writer, poet, and critic while his father, a rural practitioner, never accepted his decision to pursue his literary career and prefer him to be a doctor instead of a writer.

Mostly conflicts in this film is about Arthur blunders his way through fatherhood, regularly calling his son a fathead and interrupting the boy’s private moment. The conflict is increasingly tight when Arthur seems humiliates his long-suffering but passively complacent wife with having an affair with Beaty (Sarah Lancashire), a friend of the family. After his death it still a mystery.

After his father death, Blake questions the nature of the bond between them, about expressing contradictions, hate, frustration, love and loss that most of us have with our parents as we grow up.

For me, the story is really interesting.. it keeps remind me about i’m so lucky having parents whatever they are. Yes,  sometimes i have my arguing moments between them, about education, career, friends, habits, and else.. and i admit they’re annoying sometimes, but that means they care about you, especially in 25 years old for me right now.. it’s just, they don’t want to be feel abandoned or forgotten because as we grow up, we are spending time together mostly with our friends and office mates.


these are lines from this movie:

“When did you last see your father?, was it when they burnt the coffin?, put the lid on it? when he exhaled his last breath?, when he sat up and said something? when he last recognized you?, when he last smiled?, when did you last see your father? the last time he was healthy and active? the last time you had an argument about something? So i’ve been trying to recall about the last time i actually saw him, the last time he was unmistakably there in the fullness of being him.”


Happy Watching



Gea Irraselda Ardhita


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