Welcome 2012, Bye bye 2011

It’s not too late to say Happy New Year and goodbye 2011, right?

It’s only  a week passed from 2011, and i still haven’t write anything yet here to say that THANK GOD for giving me the amazing year of 2011, it’s been a good and bad year, and finally… in the last week of 2011, God listened to my pray and granted them..

I got a new job with a new position that i’ve never before, well..  beforehand, i’m an accountant, up until now (when i’m writing this post), but.. within one week ahead i’m going to be a blogger/writer, well… maybe also as a digital marketing for their sites. I can’t wait to do it, this is  gonna be a new experience for me, a new knowledge, and of course…  this will be my new world.

I may not too familiar with this area, but.. i like to write, to socialize, and learn new things. And i believe God will help, if we try.

So 2012… I’m waiting for your challenge. I’m ready for you.

In the end.. I wish you all a great year ahead

Gea Irraselda Ardhita


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