Ahhh…. Pengen lagi makan ini.. bikin nagih 🙂


Durian Pancake

I’m in love with this food since yesterday night, my and my friends were hang out together yesterday in one of shopping mall in South Jakarta, and we had our dinner and of course we need some dessert for the closing.

so.. we search around the food court and decided to have our dessert in honeymoon dessert, yes… the name of this restaurant is pretty catchy, right? we looked at the menu and decided to order durian pancake. it’s in the can, fresh from refrigerator, they don’t have to cook them anymore, so.. we don’t have to wait long.

it served on 1 plate and there are two pieces of them, green color, and definitely look so appetizing. i can not wait to have my first bite. and…ummm..YUMMY!!

it tastes delicious, full of durian and whipcream inside, sweet!

so.. the 2 pieces of durian pancake is finished only in 10 minutes, approximately.. 😀

So.. basically, Durian Pancake is a native food from Medan, Sumatera Utara. hummm.. no wonder we have such a delicious food like that, because Indonesia indeed is one of the durian producer in the world, and durian medan is the famous one of them.

And Maybe, i’ll put a recipe of Durian Pancake here, i don’t know if it works well, but you can try it:

*sorry, it’s in Bahasa Indonesia*

Bahan Pancake Durian:

  • Durian 2 atau 3 buah diambil daging buahnya saja (untuk isi pancake)
  • Tepung terigu 500 gr
  • Telur 4 butir
  • Garam 2 sendok teh
  • Santan 750 ml
  • Pasta pandan kira-kira 5 tetes
  • Whipcream

Cara membuat kulit pancake durian:

  • Campurkan telur, tepung terigu dan garam
  • Kemudian tuangkan santan dengan perlahan sambil terus diaduk agar tidak menggumpal
  • Lalu masukkan pasta pandan dan aduk sampai rata
  • Panaskan wajan dalam api yang kecil, kemudian buat dadar tipis dari adonan
  • Angkat dan dinginkan

Cara membuat isi pancake durian:

  1. Ambilah selembar dadar (kulit) pancake dan olesi dengan whipcream, kemudian olesi dengan buah durian secukupnya
  2. Lipat kulit pancakae yang sudah diisi durian tadi
  3. Lalu masukkan ke dalam lemari pendingin (bukan freezer-nya)
  4. Siap dihidangkan

(Source of Recipe: http://rianie.com/resep-pancake-durian-resep-kue-basah-361.html)


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