well, i want to post about something slightly serious…


what is BULIMIA?

bulimia nervosa or known as bulimia is an eating disorder characterized by restraining of food intake for a period of time followed by an over intake or binging period that result in feeling of guilt and low self-esteem.

These cycles often involve rapid and out-of-control eating, which may stop when the bulimic is interrupted by another person or the stomach hurts from overextension, followed by self-induced vomiting or other forms of purging.

Why i want to post about bulimia?

Because…it turns out that i have a friend who has this kind of eating disorder, and it scared me…i pretty close to her, she’s my office mate..hummm..

in the morning, she has her breakfast, usually around 9-10 a.m, and she won’t eat at all for lunch, though we (me and my friends) forced her… #arrggghh..

it gives me headache sometimes, because she won’t eat…really really really not eat anything…how come someone works in a hungry condition?

Me…? i definitely can’t do that…

and she said, she actually has her dinner, but afterward, she will spit it up…she has a normal weight for me…but she always said she’s FAT…nooo……she’s not fat at all..i’m afraid someday she will become like this:


i wonder how i should help her? because she’s really a stubborn…!



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